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Western American Diocese
Inaugural Arizona Icon Writing Workshop Complete!

The first Arizona Icon Writing Workshop, sponsored by All Saints Of North America and Christ the Savior Churches is complete. Running from June 12-17, 2023, the week-long Iconology Workshop was led by Tatiania and Dimitry Berestova of the Prosopon School of Iconology, and featured 12 students, lay and clergy, including two advanced students who have studied under the Prosopon School previously.

Consisting of 22 distinct steps that were executed in 6 days, the Christology, anthropology, patterns, symbolism, and allegories of the icon and iconography were well presented by Tatiania Berestova. Running all day, from morning til evening, the workshop closed at around 5 pm on Saturday evening, just in time for Great Vespers. Beginning students created icons of Archangel Michael (one student elected to create one of Archangel Gabriel), while advanced students worked on icons of the Annunciation. The results were extraordinary, surprising the students at the completion of the workshop.

Our thanks to Patricia Rudolph who sponsored and organized the workshop, and to Matushka Mary Macpherson whose culinary creations astounded the workshop participants every single lunchtime!


Photogallery of the Iconography Workshop

Masterclass: Teacher, Pupils and Their Work - 06/17/2023

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