Western American Diocese
Western American Diocese
Great Lenten Concert at All Russian Saints Church, Burlingame, CA

We are planning a Great Lenten concert on Sunday, April 3, will be a special fundraiser on behalf of the Bethany School.  As in previous years, our April 3 concert will have a Lenten motif.  Our program will feature a combination of "resurrected" works that we have not sung for some time, as well as prayers that will be sung in our upcoming Great Lent (Великий пост) and Passion Week (Страстная Неделя) services.  We invite you to join us for our musical Lenten retreat on April 3-rd and generously support the Bethany Orthodox School.    Save the date!

Rector, Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko

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12th Annual Great Lenten Retreat, Sunday April 2, 2023, Holy Virgin Cathedral
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